Smart Options with the WordPress Now

Productivity can mean something different for different people. More efficient work can ensure that you can take on more projects and earn more money – or work less while you continue to earn the same. Whatever your goal is, working more productively is always better. In this article we give tips for working more productively with WordPress! So let’s start with wordpress now.

Working more productively with WordPress

Remove distractions

Amongst the primary steps for working more productively with WordPresshappens to beremoving distractions. Frequently we don’t understand how easily we are distracted. But distractions are deadly for your productivity. Are you going to work with a WordPress project? Then close your e-mail program and your social media. Stop your smartphone or put it in another room.

Make use of a time management plugin

To ensure that you keep an overview, it is wise to use a time management plugin for WordPress. A good example of a good time management plugin is WP Project Manager Pro . With this you can assign assignments, manage files, create to-do lists, create milestones and set up a timeline.

Use a good writing app

The distraction free mode in WordPress is very useful, but not always sufficient. Do you have to write a lot of blog posts or articles? Then a good writing app can offer a solution. In this article we have listed the best writing apps for serious WordPress writers.

Try Ghost Browser

The browser you use when developing your WordPress site can make a big difference when it comes to productivity. Ghost Browser is a free Chromium-based browser developed with productivity in mind. Definitely worth a try!

Learn better, faster and smarter blogging

WordPress offers various tools and functionalities that help you to perform time-consuming tasks such as formatting and scheduling blog articles more efficiently. Read our tips to blog better, faster and smarter!

View which WordPress tasks you can automate

There are lots of simple plugins that allow you to automate specific work in WordPress. We have 14 plugins to automate WordPress tasks for you!

Take a vacation regularly

A holiday is important if you want to keep working productively throughout the year. It gives you the chance to put everything together for yourself, to relax your body and mind and to recharge yourself.

Do not copy, but learn

The most important thing is that you find a working method that works for you. Do not do exactly what someone else does, but try to learn from other people’s methods. There are many ways to work more productively with WordPress; it is a matter of experimenting to find out what works for you.

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